The Haha Moment

the funniest person on this page

    Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Buffalo in History with a minor in Dance, both of which are very useful in today's economy, a Social Studies Certification in Education from Buffalo State College, and is completing her Masters of Science in Creative Studies from Buffalo State College soon.  When not on campus, she is also a substitute teacher for Attica Central Schools, (not the same as Attica Correctional Facility, just don’t ask the  children) and an early morning religious instructor for tortured high school students (what else were they going to do at 6 a.m. anyway?).
    Beth spends her time at the Creativity Center focusing on using creative tools to bring fun, laughter, and the occasional snort into the workplace.  She considers herself a “Levity Specialist”, but most people just consider her to be ‘special’. 
    Beth, a city girl, has turned her back on the urban life to live the high life of a Camp Mom.  She lives at Schoellkopf Scout Reservation among the bugs, snakes, and dirt.  Seeing as how she remembers when dirt was new, she has become the expert on all things new and cool to the Boy Scouts there, or at least, that is what she tells them.  Some of the young ones believe her.
    Beth is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, a History Honor Society, the Golden Key Honor Society, and NYSSA, an organization for Social Studies teachers.  That means she is legally smart, or has managed to buy her way in.  She was voted the Show Sparkler for her work in the Buffalo Stake road show because she loves the lime light, and was given the Flash Nash award for costuming mishaps. (Ask her why she will never trust Velcro again.)
    Beth enjoys talking so much, that others have found her hard to shut up.  Luckily, they gave up.  So she is best seen talking to school groups, youth groups, and victims at seminars.